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Corrective Action and Optimization

Steve George and Associates has extensive experience building and optimizing IT departments resulting in strong performance, low turnovers, and alignment with the business and customer.

The impact of a broken IT department will at best diminish the efficiency and profitability of a company.  In the worst scenarios the dysfunction can undermine a company’s mission and expose it to unacceptable risk.

Failures in IT Departments stem from many causes but weak management and lack of alignment with the business tend to be the key factors.  Manifestations of a broken IT include:

·       High Turnover/Poor Morale

·   Poor Support Quality Impacting Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

·   Software Doesn’t Meet The Customer’s Needs

·   Excessive Downtime

·   Excessive Project Timelines and Missed Deadlines

·   Lost Data

·   Fractionalize IT Functions (IT Fiefdoms)

·   Lack of Standardized Policies and Procedures

SG&A will analyze your IT organization and develop a plan for corrective action.  Our analysis will include interviews with business leaders, internal and external customers, and IT organization members.  We will examine standard operating procedures and policies, project histories, disaster and downtime events, and any other information that is available.   Our objective is to minimize risk as quickly as possible and to establish a roadmap for better quality, productivity, and stability.