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Steve George and Associates is dedicated to helping companies maximize their Information Technology investment, raise quality standards, and remain in compliance with applicable regulations.

Successful companies keep a close eye on G&A and want to maximize their investments.  Information Technology is an enabler that facilitates efficiencies in departments across the enterprise however many factors can undermine a company's ability to maximize its investment. 

Failures can stem from lack of alignment between IT and the business, inadequate prioritization mechanisms, fractionalized IT working in competition or with redundant services, lack of meaningful metrics to measure value and ROI, and poor project management methodology.  Most likely, multiple causes are to blame

Sorting out the factors undermining an IT department can be a daunting task, particularity if technology is not a core competency of the business and executives lack the technical background to understand where things are breaking down.

Steve George and Associates can provide a full range of analytical and corrective action services to get your IT group on track and delivering value.